Thursday, January 31, 2013



Architects need to embrace our evolving culture.

Architecture needs to function more seamlessly with the expectations and current standards of how people operate; through mobile devices and on their own schedule. The specific technologies are a trend, but our style of communication and interaction has evolved. Some companies have acknowledged this evolution and are developing new products to fit this style-of-life. For instance, you can now control your home heating/cooling from your mobile deviceThere's nothing new about the home heating/cooling unit, but the ability to monitor and control the unit remotely enables new opportunities for real-time adjustments, which translates to energy and cost-savings.

People are mobile.

People now interact with their personal spaces remotely. Architects need to acknowledge this. The experience and functionality of a space extends beyond physical occupation and into electronic interactions. It's time to zoom out, and take responsibility for how we've let technology change they way we operate. It's time to look at bigger picture issues; for opportunities to collapse technologies into grander, more efficient systems.

Architects need to imagine and visualize what lies beyond tomorrow; next week; or the year ahead. Architects need to conceptualize potential futures and lifestyles. We've let technology take the stage; now it's time for us to direct the play.


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