I often enjoy speculating about the future. It seems promising of new systems and new experiences beyond our current capacity to understand; beyond our everyday lifestyle. The unfortunate thing is, progress happens slowly, on a grand scale, and we don’t truly recognize or experience the thrill of these advancements.

Like a frog in a pot of water; if the heat is slowly turned up, the frog will boil, alive…

Because progress happens slowly, old concepts leak into the new territories of advancement and contaminate them. But, they also serve as a bridge, transitioning our familiarity and understanding of things.

It’s like how the cell phone is a transitional step towards telepathy. One day, the concept of communication may be extinct and all information will simply exist, at the same place, at the same time; No need for exchange. We’re beginning to see this within the fabrication industry with 3D printing. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we could simply think of an object, scan the image in our head, and print it directly from our thoughts. No modeling or drawing necessary.

Our society is a support system. It should be utilized as a tool to assist in achieving your goals. But that’s exactly the challenge… having a goal; an agenda. Otherwise, you will live amongst the crowd and the mindlessness of regularity. At its greatest potential, society should serve as a platform for your dreams, but also as a mirror, reflecting the actions you've taken to make a difference.