Douglas Garofalo, FAIA

[Nothstine House Green Bay, Wisconsin]


His interest in digitally influenced design never favored any particular aesthetic. He appeared to have a genuine appreciation for the power and ability of digital tools, and employed them respectfully. His work will always remain tastefully progressive. He combined processes of speculation, organization, exploration, and fabrication together in a way that seamlessly bridged theory and practice. His philosophy was grounded in applicable methodologies formatted for architectural usage well beyond his era. Doug seemed to be a systems thinker, capable of understanding and addressing the totality of a project; a true architect. His passion for and involvement with The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) was unparalleled by any other.

Doug passed away summer of 2011. His legacy lives on.

[Manilow House Spring Prairie, Wisconsin]

[Korean Presbyterian Church New York City, New York]

[Hyde Park Art Center Chicago Illinois]

Doug Garofalo Presents: "Architectural Ecosystems" at Syracuse University School of Architecture

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