Hybrid Reality

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As we venture deeper into the realm of virtual reality and augmented reality we begin to shift our focus, developing new systems for digital avenues and paying less attention to our original physical reality. Many theories exist that position our consciousness either as the subject of a higher power (Gods, Simulation Hypothesis, etc…), as the controller designing our own and other’s destiny (AI, augmented reality, etc…), or as a combination of both (Chaos Theory, Simple rules generating complex results). Hybrid Reality (Or multi-reality) is a proposal to merge philosophies of physical particle driven reality with digitally derived realities. We tend to assign our original physical reality as the generator for its digital counterpart; needless to say, our digital explorations have offered enough intrigue to propel us further along its path. Digital technologies are becoming less a counterpart, and more the generator of future lifestyles. If we continue along this trajectory, it is likely that our digital endeavors will be the primary state of our existence while our physical state is left to operate simply as a vessel. There may come a time when conscious existence transitions completely  into a digital state, and mankind as a physical entity discontinues reproduction, becoming extinct.

If Hybrid Reality can successfully merge, and, more importantly, balance our multiple forms of existence, we will have better control in how our future develops. For instance:

Traveling Between Realities
So often, we find ourselves mindlessly engaging with our devices, tip-toeing in and out of applications, making brief appearances on multiple social sites, gathering data and information from the internet, and pulling these experiences back to our physical reality. Information is pouring across these boundaries with no filter, no quantification, no calibration. In effect, we end up with things like fake news; Perhaps the most pathetic social folly since accusations of witchcraft. True hybrid systems utilize measured interactions, that self-monitor, self-balance, and even systematically self-govern interactions within their construct. Between physical and digital realities, we don't have enough of this. We’ve left the responsibility of "self-leveling" to human discretion, effected not only by digital mis-users, but non-users with unqualified opinions as well. We are failing to prevent detrimental situations before they occur.


Define a system that captures and quantifies information traveling in both directions, to and from physical and digital environments. This can be considered a digital environmental design effort, to keep clean the digital environment we interact with and prevent faulty data and information from crossing  back into our physical reality. Make users accountable for the information they share. This does not eliminate freedom of speech, but does assign the information shared by a user to the user’s profile and holds them accountable for any negligent data they may impose on a digital environment. This can be monitored and controlled through the applications that users access sites from, as well as through advanced Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI's) that monitor data entering your brain from the internet. A system will be put in place that discredits particular users that pollute the digital environment. The digital environment offers us infinite possibilities; but, this does not mean we should entertain them all. We get to decide how we proceed: in a civilized manner, or towards the demise of our existence.