Next Reality

[Original Image © Coorlas Architecture]


As technology enables humans to connect & interact with more immediacy, we are evolving to operate as a swarm (a flowing group), rather than with individual objectives. The process of sharing or exchanging information is being reduced, and will soon be eliminated. Eventually, information will simply exist, nullifying the boundaries of individual consciousness, and giving life to true universal consciousness. One mind.

We must exercise our imagination while employing new technologies as a catalyst for engaging a universal consciousness; bridging human-level consciousness with a higher evolved mindfulness. We must focus on logical & secure gateways & infrastructures that transpose the two realms of operation. What is the architecture and experience of transitioning to and from universal consciousness?


There is a fundamental building block that all consciousness is constructed from: Information. It may be represented as zeros and ones, but does not need to be. A set of information is a package of patterns. These patterns, seen in light, is what makes them real; distinguishable. Perhaps, to build bridges between realities, we can manipulate these patterns between fragments of light - faster than the speed of light, which effectively allows us to manipulate episodes of space; re-position molecules, atoms, & particles. When our hand guides the design of conscious moments, we will have effectively traversed the event horizon into navigating hybrid realities; a construct of merged and intertwined realities shared between people, spaces and times. A thought, or a vision of mine, can be experienced without filter by you. Multiple perspectives can be experienced at a single moment, or throughout the duration of an event. Time becomes one with space, interpolated as a set of data the same way coordinates of space are used. Patterns of reality-construct can be captured, rebuilt, reinterpreted. We are entering the age of real-time. Where our ability to manipulate the constructs of reality have caught up to the cursor of time. Where there is no speed of light; but instead, choice of light or darkness.