Planetary Revolution

[Original Image © Synthitect]


Are we on the verge of a planetary revolution? Digital & quantum platforms have long awaited their opportunity to take command over our society. We’ve allowed these technologies to trickle into our lives; first into our homes tethered to landlines, then into our pockets remotely controlled by satellite. We pretend to have a sacred bond with Mother Nature, yet we live nourished by the next technological advancement. We hold on so tightly to the things we can grasp, without realizing that most things hardly exist in physical form any longer. Your contact information, your money, your photos, your communications mostly exist in digital form. We’ve surrendered our trust to a digital society that most people cannot explain the inner-workings of. Maybe that’s OK. There’s a lot of us meandering among this planet; aimlessly depleting natural resources beyond our capacity to replenish them. And since that’s the case, why wouldn’t we trust these systems? Why shouldn’t mankind look to a more powerful degree of management; a better system for implementing sustainability.

The next industrial revolution (4IR) is capable of defragmenting the disparate conditions that make our society so wasteful, so sluggish, and so inefficient. We are entering the era of “The Internet of Things”, where objects become smart; capable of relaying data; capable of managing their own life-cycles and informing us how to sustain our own. These systems are designed to communicate across higher levels of resource management than we can comprehend; interconnectivities too complex for us to code or script, lending themselves to be developed by artificial intelligence. This is initially achieved by machine learning; teaching AI to understand the basic principles & patterns of our daily routines and natural resource usage, then enabling modes of efficiency-management to inform our habits. Digital fabrication techniques are becoming more resourceful, less wasteful, faster and more economical. Industrial production will be intertwined with economic consumption. This is achieved by additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D Printing or Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) merged with synthetic biology; where the feedback loop for production & recycled products is 1-to-1; continuous, and self-replenishing. Digital currency merges with social media, becoming a merit system for user-cooperation and to manage micro-fluctuations in systematic equity.

A future informed by principles of logic to ensure mankind is on the most efficient path towards a sustained existence.