Time Dilation

[Image by Stephen Coorlas]


We feel like ‘time’ accelerates as we age; But time is a constant. It is the density of our responsibilities and accountability that warp our perception of time.

We seek and declare milestones, deadlines and events as if to desperately grab the silky tapestry slipping between our fingers. Anything to make a mark, a scratch or a wrinkle in the frictionless, glossy translucent fabric of time.

We attempt to suspend the fluttering frames by temporarily immersing ourselves in alternate realities; social media, video games, and vacations; And yet when we return, the elastic reel of time mercilessly and instantly propels forward to its absolute position.

The stress, the anticipation, the focus and procrastination all congeal to produce a contorted surface that relentlessly drags our precious time into an abyss.

And so, we must unfold. We must become the surface that time travels across. Be present, and design the flow by guiding the hand of time with yours. We control the dilation of time with the gravity of our thoughts and the clarity of our mind. Be in control.