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What happens when our society is so internally influenced that it can no longer reach beyond its own confines to grasp at alternate paths of progression. Humanity's focus on technology has initiated a perpetual feedback loop, with ideas, patterns, genres, and lifestyles that multiply and divide only to become abstract versions of one another; while never truly breaking the plane to find unique position or new status. Perhaps that is the destination of a self-aware species; to blossom outward toward the stars, and eventually collapse on its-self. It's the organic progression of everything in nature. Maybe there is hope for our world to unite and establish collective efforts to save our planet. Maybe world-wide unity is not achievable at the scale we've mindlessly grown to, and our only chance at survival is to learn from nature and send our seed elsewhere.

Both futures must be explored, studied and designed for.

On-the-one-hand, humankind should be held accountable of curing planet Earth of the infectious and consumptive lifestyles we've promoted and supported for so many years. We could establish grass-root movements to influence and inform government policy. This requires a vision to encourage families and individuals to pursue a well-designed and engineered lifestyle that acts on sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic (non-pollutive), organic, unprocessed, methodologies. These strategies need to be integrated with one another, designed to function dependent of one another so that no deviations or alterations can be made to the system. The system would need to be strictly linear to function with the purpose of cleaning our environment and repairing the Earth to a more natural state.

On-the-other-hand, humankind is a self-aware species conscious of it's natural and now synthetic evolution. Some consider it our destiny as an evolved life-form to  pursue existence beyond planet Earth's surface. This would require a significant amount of scientific research and financial aid to fund such an unprecedented expedition. Research and funding would be allocated for the development of efficient reusable rockets, engineering automated navigation software, designing flight and landing simulations, developing protocol for initial set-up of agricultural docks, and follow-up missions to replenish goods that are unable to be fabricated or created on site. There would be little room for error, and such an undertaking would require extreme amounts of coordinated efforts between private companies and government funding.

A third option is to combine the research and development efforts of both campaigns into a new global directive to redefine the meaning and purpose of a technological/organic singularity. We can use this opportunity to unify our globe in a way that aligns our purposes; to survive, to thrive, and to evolve into an elevated form of life; a universal form of life.

After-all, Earth is simply a spaceship that once hosted only unintelligent forms of life.