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Sometimes, we hit a wall taller than we’ve ever encountered. It happens every so often when we've reached the end of a plateau. The plateau is a platform composed of your current skills, abilities, methods, approaches, beliefs, philosophies, ideals, and accomplishments.

Engaging with this wall is disorienting. It seems as if there’s virtually no way to begin scaling its surface. The wall is void of articulation, seemingly infinite in height, and its surface is white with a sheen only glossy enough to recognize your blurred reflection. The wall is a metaphor. It provides an opportunity to self-reflect and offers a familiar yet unique challenge. We hesitate because self-reflection can lead to confusion, over-analysis, and considered-detours.No matter how many times we encounter this wall and the opportunity to self-reflect, it always takes a moment to remember "how" to proceed. But, eventually, we remember.

In order to gain a better perspective of the wall that stands ahead, we must step back. The further back we go, the better our sight-line becomes, until we finally see the top. Only then do we realize that the wall we've encountered is not a wall at all. We see this is our next plateau of establishment. And, while retracing our steps to gain this perspective we visit old friends, family, and life experiences that equipped us with the tools and knowledge necessary to help elevate us to the ground we stand upon today.

The lesson here is to recall your past before taking steps forward. This will ensure a smooth and continuous trajectory in life, which is critical for goals set far in the distant future. Life is a balance between the rehearsed and improvised; the control and the chaos; the past and the future. And, when we achieve our personalized balance of these extremes, we become capable of operating at our fullest potential; in the present; in the now.